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Passport Career is a dynamic, interactive, global job search tool for organizations seeking to support international job seekers in 75+ countries (250+ cities).

Whether job seekers in your organization are moving from the UK to the US, Belgium to Brazil, or Chile to China, we know what it takes to make their career move!

Passport Career is an online resource and interactive service designed for organizations to support different groups of global job seekers with their international career and life transition.

With more than 12,000 pages of unique content and resources, Passport Career helps individuals with their international job search by providing detailed, country-specific resources on all aspects of the job search and alternative opportunities. Country-specific content includes detailed guidance on local styles and expectations for resumes/CVs, interviews, salaries, work permits, business culture, best employers, and much more.

Passport Career also offers interactive webinars, job listings, and opportunities to make global contacts through a robust social network!

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Here’s how Passport Career can help your organization:


How does your organization support dual career and spouse/partner employment issues of relocating employees? Passport Career supports the accompanying spouse/partner (also known as the trailing spouse or expat spouse) of relocating employees (internationally and locally) by providing high quality, low cost spouse/partner career, job search, and life transition resources with interactive support. Passport Career also supports spouses who don't want to work. Some may be seeking alternative opportunities such as professional development, continuing education or volunteer options. Support is also available to the spouses/partners who stay behind due to unaccompanied assignments or extended business travel. Click here to learn what Passport Career can offer your company or organization.


How does your institution support international/foreign students, scholars and faculty as well as other students in international study programs or with global interests? Passport Career provides low-cost, extensive resources for students, scholars and faculty, including support for those seeking a job, internship, or alternative opportunity. Click here to learn what Passport Career can offer academic institutions.


Is your business providing services to your clients in need of spouse/partner career support? Passport Career now offers an Associates program to help your business expand its portfolio of high quality support to your clients by providing key spouse/partner support service at a low cost. Our goal is to help you to help your clients quickly, easily and effectively! Click here to learn what Passport Career can offer your relocation company / DSP.

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